The Velvet Hot Tub Hire

32 Redesdale Gardens, Leeds, Leeds, West Yorkshire, , United Kingdom


Hired a hot tub w/c 18th October 2019 for my daughters birthday. Paid £20 deposit and website stated could pay the balance of £80 via a card payment. The day of the delivery i was contacted by Tom the hot tub supplier to say that unfortunately it would have to be cash. Was told he would deliver at 5 oclock. At 2 oclock i was called by Tom who told me he hadnt realised how far i lived (i had provided my address from the beginning) and would have to pay an extra £20 for delivery. Obviously it now being too late to organise anything else i had to pay.My daughters party was at 1600 on saturday, the hot tub was started at 17:00 Friday and Tom assured me it would be hot enough. The hot tub never reached more than 34 degrees and was tepid at best. At approximately 20:00 the hot tub threw up an error code which after my research stated that the filter was full and needed emptying. Sunday my husband called tom to complain as we had paid £140 to hire a hot tub that when it turned up we could have purchased for £250 that was only used for 1 hour by kids who came out with near hypothermia. Tom didnt answer. Monday my husband called again and was told begrudgingly that he could have £60 back but it would be via paypal. Tuesday Tom came to collect the piece of junk and called me and said that we had infact punctured the hot tub and this is why it wouldnt work. He came to collect at 1500 and alleged the hot tub was fully deflated. I had been home at lunch time and the hot tub was fully inflated as it had been since Saturday when it had only been used for 1 hour. Tom is a complete conman who supplies faulty hot tub, offers no assistance than fakes a fault in order to get out of a refund. AVOID AVOID AVOID

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