About US

Telsa Local was launched in 2017 by Telsa Media Ltd who specialises in all forms of digital marketing. Gaining a great success in Search Engine Optimisation and Google Adwords, Telsa Media found that most UK directories were full of spam from dodgy SEO companies and were of no real use to the visitor.

We have combined years of our digital marketing experience to bring a very useful UK based directory free from spam and fake listings.

All of our listings are verified, and businesses pay a monthly subscription which includes a monthly report on the number of engagements their advert gains.

We extensively carry out digital marketing on our directory giving it maximum exposure so that the business can enjoy lots of fresh leads. Visitors can also find the information that is the most relevant to what they are looking for.

We hope you find this service exceptional in all areas. We welcome feedback at any time, please submit your enquiry through our online contact form.

For new business listings either phone 0208 686 4577 or fill out this form

Have a great day


Jayson Webb

Managing Director